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Anonymous asked: aw that's super sweet! Thought i'd ask you because you're the biggest Joel enthusiast! when i saw her, she seemed really stand off-ish when fans approached Joel so i was kind of scared to talk to him. But i guess if someone dates a band member, they can get caught off guard a lot of the time. Though i'm sure she's really really nice if Joel loves her. :) she's very gorgeous as well. how did she come off to you when you first saw her?

Haha I guess I do like him quite a bit. And yeah she can come off as that, but don’t ever let her get in the way of you talking to Joel. Joel wants to talk to every single fan as much as possible. I think she probably just wanted him all to herself since she was visiting on tour. But yeah, I trust Joel to make the right choices and it’s really evident that he loves her :’)

When I first saw her she was way up front at the show and it was so cute. I would look over at her to see what she was like and whenever I made eye contact with her she’d send a smile over my way. And she just seemed to be making Joel so happy so I approved (not that my approval means anything haha)

Anonymous asked: unbiased opinion of kat mcdonald?

I’ve seen Kat multiple times and have talked her like once and at first I didn’t know how I felt. However, once I saw the way joel looked at her and this new smile on his face, I knew she was good for him. I think she’s very sweet and I love that she’s big into health like joel. Also, I think she’s drop dead gorgeous and I wish i had her outfits and hair and just body in general. I have no problem whatsoever with her and I hope joel and her get married. They’re a match made in heaven

Leighton Antelman 2/28/114
Not the clearest photo, but Leighton’s smile is just so heartwarming